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Who We Are

Christopher Vallejo, M.S., AMFT

Co-founder and Executive Director of Operations

Why this population: The psychoeducation implemented in the FAITHS Throughcare Program is dear to Christopher beyond its research-based efficacy.

The curriculum Christopher employed at the practicum site for both the interns and the justice-involved individuals is based on the material Christopher was exposed to during his educational journey, changing Christopher’s and his children’s lives and ultimately leading him to this career path.


The content shared with him through the process in which his mentors delivered it, gave him an opportunity for a real chance at life he didn't know existed...having seized the opportunity, Christopher wants to pay what I was given forward and offer a second chance to others.

Dr.Evan Thomas, DSW, LCSW

Co-founder and Director of Reentry Operations

Why this population: Evan’s passion for the justice-involved population comes from a deep belief in the power of second chances due to personal experience of what someone can rise from with genuine support.

Evan also has a strong drive to address the environments of the justice-involved population in tandem with micro-level support to remove as many systemic challenges and barriers as possible because as he says, “You can teach someone how to swim, but it won’t matter if they exist in an environment devoid of water.”

Amy Maddigan, LCSW

Clinical Service Supervisor

Why this population: As a clinical social worker Amy understands the importance of working collaboratively with clients and also with systems clients are involved with.

Amy was drawn to work in mental health because of her interest in human behavior and the impact of relationships in helping people to make changes in their life.

Gabby Garcia, AMFT

Clinical Service Practitioner

Why this population: Gabby always felt that she had the heart to work with an underserved population.

Having formally incarcerated family members and seeing how incarceration impacted their lives really pushed Gabby to want to work with justice-involved individuals and help provide therapy inside and outside of custody.

Stephanie Rocha, AMFT

Clinical Service Practitioner

Why this population: Steph has had a desire on her radar to support an underserved population since early on in her educational career.


Lakesha Thomas, LCSW

Clinical Services Supervisor

Miriam Fenton, M.A.

Administrative Research Analyst

Alishia Koshmerl, MSW, ASW

Clinical Service Practitioner

Charrise Griffin, MSW, ASW

Clinical Service Practitioner

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