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Sarah was most recently arrested in April of 2021 but has been in and out of custody since 2014. During her previous periods of incarceration, she had not participated in any rehabilitative programming.

In Custody

While in custody, Sarah signed up for the Culinary Arts program at Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center (GHRC). Culinary Arts provides instruction in general sanitation and safety, menu planning, cooking techniques, inventory control, the safe and proper use of kitchen tools and appliances, food preparation, service cashiering, and bussing. Instruction also prepares students to take the Food Handler’s Certification exam. After all of her hard work in the class, Sarah was able to attain her Food Handler's Certification and excelled in her practical cooking sessions in class.


With her newfound skills, before even being released, Sarah was able to line up a job with with Corky's Bakery and Kitchen! She is very enthusiastic about her new career path and is eager to continue honing her culinary skills so that one day she might be able to open her own business.

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